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Hello! I’m Susie Barroeta & I'm 16 years old. I was born and raised in Roanoke, Texas. I have 5 siblings and two very loving and supportive parents. One of my many dreams is to attend the Texas A&M University & become an English teacher for k-12. Now as an influencer I hope to carry on with my following on youtube and other social media as I keep growing, while also pursuing my dream of becoming an English Teacher. When I first began my youtube channel, I would've never thought that my content would become appreciated by many teens, both older and younger than me who were looking at my videos as an inspiration and a positive impact in their life. I'm inspired by the fact that I'm able to spread positivity upon thousands of viewers just by posting content that sheds light in this world that can be dark at times. I love encouraging confidence, positivity, and self-love. Even though being an influencer has its cons at times, knowing that I'm able to help teens and many other people, inspires me to continue in this wonderful career. This project is very important to me since I'm able to put out items for my amazing supporters, where I'm able to help even more teens become the best versions of themselves that they can be.


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